Edible oil refining machine

Edible oil refining machine
Small scale edible oil refining normally is batch refining with simple edible oil refining process,edible oil refining machinery of batch refining has low automation.

 According to different automation, edible oil refining is divided into batch refining, semi-continuous refining, continuous refining. For small scale edible oil refining(( capacity less than 20 tons per day), batch refining is used more often together with chemical refining.
Edible oil batch refining has advantages of easy operation,low investment ,small working area, easy edible oil refining process etc,but with higher labour cost, is a good choice for small oil plant.  
Small scale edible oil refining process:

1. Flow chart

2. Main edible oil refining machinery

A. Neutralizing kettles : using for acid refining , alkali refining and washing
B. Decoloring kettle: using for bleaching crude oil with clay
C. Deodorizing kettle: using for removing bad smell of crude oil 
D. Heat conducting oil furnace: supplying high temperature steam ( reach to 280°C)
E. Vacuum pumps: supplying vacuum conditions for decoloration and deodoration
F. Air compressor: blowing bleaching clay
G. Vibrating Filter:  filtering waste clay
H. Steam generator: provides steam for deodorization.

This small scale edible oil refining process and machinery  can be widely used for refing soybean oil, nigreseed oil, mustard oil, rapeseed oil etc,