Peanut oil machine manufacturer

Peanut oil machine manufacturer
Rotocel is one widely used continuous vegetable oil extraction equipment,suitable for extraction of various vegetables oil from olive pomace, sunflower cake, soybean, peanut, rice bran ,cotton seeds etc.

Small group will be processed for strong fragrant groundnut oil which can be sold at higher price, big group will be processed for normal fragrant groundnut oil which will be sold cheaper than strong fragant groundnut oil. Of course the different groundnut oil manufacturing process will be equipped with different groundnut oil processing machine. Groundnut oil manufacturing process:

1. Groundnut oil press process:

A. Groundnut →magnetic roller→Destoner→screening→grading( small group with higher quality and big group with normal quality)

    -Magnetic roller is to remove metallic impurities.
    -Destoner is to remove small stones.
    -Screening is to remove other impurities.
    -Grading is to divide groundnut into small group and big group.

B. Small group groundnut→cooking→pressing→crude oil→degumming→ first filtering →Second filtering→strong fragant edible groundnut oil  

    -Cooking: to change physical characters of groundnut in order to improve oil yield.
    -Pressing: to press groundnut , get crude oil and oil cake 
    -Degumming:to make phosphatide absorb water and precipitated.
    -First filter: to remove impurities and part of phosphatide
    -Second filter: to remove phosphatide reaching national standard.

C. Big group groundnut →crushing →flaking →steam cooking →pressing → crude oil →degumming→ first filtering →Second filtering→edible groundnut oil

    – Crushing : to crush groundnut into 4-6 pieces which fits flaking conditions
    – Flaking : to flake crushed groundnut into thin and even pieces, thickness < 0.5mm
      – Cooking , pressing until edile groundnut  are same as above.

2. Groundnut oil extraction process

Pressed groundnut oil cake → Oil extractor→ Mixed oil→ Three evaporation→ Crude groundnut oil 
                                                             wet meal → desolventizer → dry meal to package       

   –  Oil extractor: using solvent N-hexane to extract oil from pressed oil cake 
   –  Mixed oil/wet meal : after oil extractor, will get mixed oil with solvent and wet meal with solvent
   –  Three evaporation: using three muti-effective evaporators to transform solvent to gas which will be cooled down and collected by passing condensers.
   –   Desolventizer: to dry wet meal and evaporate solvent .

3. Groundnut oil refining process

Crude oil from oil extraction→ Degumming → Deacidification→Decoloration→ Deodorization→Refined groundnut oil 

  – Degumming:  adding phosphoric acid (85%) to reduce gum and impurities inside crude oil 
    – Deacidification: adding alkali to neutralize free fatty acid , generates soapstock 
    – Decoloration:  adding clay to bleach crude oil , clay quantity depends on quality of decoloration . Waste clay will be filtered .
    – Deodorization: at high temperature vacuum conditions, using steam to remove odor impurities

Groundnut oil processing machine photos:

Groundnut oil press workshop
  Groundnut Oil extractor
  Groundnut oil refinery