How to make soybean oil from soybean seeds?

In general, there are two methods for extracting soybean oil: one is mechanical extraction method, also called traditional soybean oil extraction method; the other is solvent extraction method, also known as chemical extraction method. Both mechanical extraction method and solvent extraction method all can achieve the goal of effective extraction of soybean oil.

The difference between mechanical way of soybean oil extraction and chemical way of soybean oil extraction is that: the mechanical extraction method is simple in operation, small in area, but the residual oil rate is high, and the residual oil rate is about 7% to 8%. Soybean oil solvent extraction methods are relatively complex, but the residual oil rate is low , the residual oil rate is less than 1%. You can choose one depending on your capacity and your fuel needs, or you can use two together.

Mechanical extraction method:

The mechanical extraction method refers to a machine that extrudes soybean oil from soybean by increasing the temperature and activating the oil molecules by means of the action of mechanical external force. The mechanical extraction method is suitable for family workshop or small soybean oil mill (1-30 tons). The most commonly used soybean oil press machine are: single screw soybean oil press machine, intergrated soybean oil press machine with filter.

Solvent extraction method:

Soybean oil solvent extraction, also known as “extraction”, is a process in which oil is extracted from an oil with an organic solvent. Soybean oil solvent extraction method is suitable for large edible oil processing plants (over 30 tons). Soybean oil solvent extraction plant is as follows: