How to make palm oil from palm fruit step by step?

Recently, palm oil production is very popular in African and Asian countries, so how to make palm oil from palm fruit step by step? This is a topic that most customers care about. According to customer’s budgets and requirements different, the palm oil processing steps will also be different. If you have sufficient budgets and produce capacity more than 1TPH, you can build a standard palm oil press production line, including sterilizing, threshing, digesting, pressing, clarifying and drying. If you have limited budgets, you can equip a single screw palm oil press machine to make palm oil, but before pressing you need to separate and boil the palm fruit manually.

Step 1: Raw material reception

First, to press palm oil, we must have enough fresh palm fruit bunches. In order to ensure the freshness of palm fruit and the quality of palm oil, we’d better to send the palm fruit bunch to the palm oil squeezing plant within 24 hours after harvest. We need to weigh the fresh palm fruit bunches and stack them on the loading ramp to prepare for the next sterilization.

Step 2: Sterilizing

Then, we need to send the palm fruit bunches to the sterilization machine. This step is to make the palm fruit bunches soft, and the palm fruit steamed at high temperature can be easily extracted oil.

Step 3: Threshing

After sterilization, the prepared palm fruit bunches will be sent to the thresher for separating palm fruit and palm fruit bunches. During palm oil processing process, the drum type palm fruit thresher machine is mostly used machine.

Step 4: Digesting and pressing

Then, we send the palm fruit after threshing to digesting and pressing process. The digesting can destroy the palm fruit tissue, and pressing can extract the oil from the palm fruit. After being digested and pressed, we can obtain crude palm oil containing impurities and water and a mixture of fiber and palm kernels. The mixture of fiber and palm kernel can be sold or processed to press palm kernel oil.

Step 5: Clarification and drying

After the above steps, we can get crude palm oil which contains a lot of impurities and water. To get high quality palm oil, we usually use vibrating screen, clarification tank, plate filter to remove the impurities in crude palm oil, and use oil drying system to dry the crude palm oil. Till this step, the whole palm oil extraction process is basically over, we can get red crude palm oil, you can directly sell crude palm oil or refined to obtain RBD palm oil.

This is the answer about how to make palm oil from palm fruit step by step. Henan Doing Company has rich experience in the production of palm oil pressing machine. If you want to engage in palm oil production, we can customize palm oil pressing machine or palm oil pressing production line. If you need, please leave a message and our manager will contact you as soon as possible.