How long can be the palm fruit kept before making it palm oil?

Normally, the palm fruit can be store for 48 hours before making palm oil. Maybe some people will ask why not more time? So I wrote this article hope can solve your confusion.

Sterilizing palm fruit within 48 hours can improve the production of red palm oil and ensure us get high quality palm oil. Meanwhile it is better for palm oil refining process. If we don’t sterilize palm fruit within 48 hours, It will cause the increasing of acid value. Acid value is a measure of the quality of oil. The lower the acid value, the higher the quality of palm oil.

After know the above information, we will be more easy understand why so many small scale palm oil mills close to the oil palm plantations, why are they picking the palm fruit the same day and processing it the same day? After knowing how long palm fruits can be kept, do you want to know what machines will be used in palm fruit sterilizing process? How many types of palm fruit sterilizer machines can be selected? More information welcome to read: Palm fruit sterilization station.